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UL Lafayette Folklore Faculty

Graduate Faculty in Folklore:
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  • Barry Jean Ancelet (Professor of Modern Languages and Head of the Department): Cajun and Creole folklore and music, Francophone literature, public folklore.
  • Ray Brassieur (Assistant Professor of Anthropology): material folk culture, Cajun and Creole folklore.
  • Marcia Gaudet (Professor of English and Head of the Department): folklore and literature, Louisiana folklore, folk narrative.
  • John Laudun (Assistant Professor of English): folklore theory, narrative studies, folk art and material culture, African American studies.

Associated Faculty & Specializations:

  • Mathe Allain (Modern Languages): Magreb culture and literature, Louisiana studies.
  • Jim Anderson (English):Old English and Medieval studies.
  • Carl Brasseaux (History): Louisiana history and culture.
  • Robert Carriker (History): Public history.
  • Jacques Henry (Sociology and Anthropology): Louisiana culture.
  • Mark Honneger(English): sociolinguistics and second language acquisition.
  • Claiborne Rice (English): cognitive linguistics and corpus theory.
  • Patricia Rickels (Honors Program): folklore studies and African American literature.
  • Dominique Ryon (Modern Languages): linguistics.


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