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Welcome to the University of Louisiana Folklore Studies website. This page is intended as a gateway for both visitors interested in the rich folklore and folklife of south Louisiana as well as those interested in the courses and concentrations offered through the university. For more information about pursuing a degree program in which the study of folklore figures, see our on-line brochure, which offers an overview of the resources available to students.

In addition to the brochure, there is information about our faculty and the resources available to students and scholars who wish to learn more about the rich cultural landscape of Louisiana.

Of course, a website such as this is only the beginning, especially in Louisiana where talking still accomplishes so much. With that in mind, we invite interested individuals and groups to contact us via other means. Our main contact point is the current chair of the Folklore Committee:

John Laudun
Folklore Studies
P.O. Box 44691 
University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Lafayette, LA 70504
To reach Dr. Laudun by email, contact laudun (at) louisiana (dot) edu.

If you're interested in learning more about the rich folk cultures of south Louisiana and they have to offer, please follow the links below:

At the website of the Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism you will find a practically boundless supply of information about Louisiana landscapes past and present.

Louisiana Folklife Program

American Folklife Center

New Directions in Folklore

IU Library's "Folklore Resources"

U.S. Geological Survey Mapping Information

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