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Logos and Licensing: Licensing Policy
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette administers a licensing program to effectively manage the use of its name and visual identity. Through this program, all uses of UL Lafayette's name, department names, nicknames, logos and visual marks (including the Ragin' Cajun family of marks) must be approved by UL Lafayette's Office of Communications and Marketing.
UL Lafayette Licensing Program Administration
  Goods bearing the name, logo or marks can only be produced by licensed manufacturers and require advance review and approval by the university's licensing staff in the Office of Communications and Marketing. The office is responsible for the interpretation and control of UL Lafayette's name and identifying logos. No other office, individual, organization or agency on or off campus is legally authorized to perform trademark licensing program activities.
  This policy applies to any use of The University of Louisiana at Lafayette's name or any logo associated with the university, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • UL Lafayette's official logo – the fleur de lis and name
  • Ragin' Cajuns
  • Ragin' Cajuns athletic logo and family of marks, including pepper, athletic fleur de lis, etc.
  • UL Lafayette abbreviation
  • The University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Names of affiliated units and centers
  • Names of university departments
  • Event/Seasonal/Promotional logos
All references hereafter to the logo include all of the above.

For the purposes of this policy, the use of the name and logo is defined as producing the logo on any item, including but not limited to: apparel (t-shirts, caps, sweats, etc.), signs, banners, facilities, novelty items, lapel pins, video tapes or any other item.
Products Purchased by University Using Name and/or Logo
  Items, including, but not limited to apparel and giveaway items, produced/purchased by university departments or organizations must be obtained from a licensed manufacturer. A list of more than 240 licensed manufacturers, including local manufacturers, can be obtained from the Office of Communications and Marketing, located in Martin Hall, Room 319.

When bidding items which bear the university's name or logo, only licensed manufacturers will be awarded the bid. The lowest bid will not be accepted if it isn't from a licensed manufacturer. Language must be included on the bid to indicate that a university name or logo will be used and that the manufacturer must be licensed to produce the product. Language indicating that the bid will be awarded to a licensed manufacturer only must also be included on the bid.

If an organization or department wishes to use a local or national manufacturer that is not licensed, because an item is not available from a licensed manufacturer, the Office of Communications and Marketing can assist the manufacturer in obtaining a license to enable them to produce UL Lafayette items. Campus departments and organizations are not authorized to obtain items from a non-licensed manufacturer without written consent from the UL Lafayette Communications and Marketing director.

No organization may authorize any third party to produce merchandise bearing the university's name or logo, or authorize or produce items that combine the logo with any third party name or logo unless approved by the UL Lafayette Communications and Marketing director.
  All uses of the university's name and logo must be approved by the UL Lafayette Office of Communications and Marketing. Requests must be submitted in writing and include the proposed design for the item. The Office of Communications and Marketing is located in Martin Hall, Room 319.
Modification of the Logo
  UL Lafayette logos are protected by trademark licensing and cannot be modified, changed or altered in any way. For example, wrapping words around a circular university logo to create the appearance of a new logo is prohibited. Colors used in the logo must be used as they appear. Changing a logo from full color to one color is prohibited. Any proposed variation of design must be submitted to the UL Lafayette Communications and Marketing office for approval. Variations of design include product packaging, point of purchase displays and all forms of product promotional materials. The UL Lafayette Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to require correction or alteration of any use of UL Lafayette marks deemed inappropriate by the university.
Internal Consumption
  Products used in fund raisers for internal clubs/organizations are not royalty exempt even when purchased by members.

Required uniforms are considered internal consumption and are royalty exempt. However, manufacturers that produce uniforms must be licensed. Unofficial uniforms, (i.e. "Casual Friday" apparel), are royalty bearing, even when worn by an entire department or group.
  UL Lafayette actively protects its name and identifying marks and enforces its trademark rights. Infringements of trademark rights include non-licensed manufacturers producing and/or selling items bearing UL Lafayette's name or identifying marks. The Compliance Division of the Collegiate Licensing Company, which manages UL Lafayette's licensing program, assists with infringement issues and has authority to pursue violations with legal action. All suspected infringements should be reported to the Office of Communications and Marketing.
Policy Compliance
  It is the responsibility of all employees, departments and/or student groups making purchases to comply with this policy. Departments that are primarily responsible for policy execution include, but are not limited to, Communications and Marketing, Business Services and Purchasing.
For more information about trademark licensing, please contact Communications and Marketing at (337) 482-6397 or prns@louisiana.edu.

Document last revised Wednesday, August 5, 2009 1:12 PM

Copyright 2003 by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Communications and Marketing Martin Hall Room 319
Post Office Box 41009, Lafayette LA 70504-1009, USA
337/482-6397 337/482-5908 (fax) prns@louisiana.edu