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Contact: Christine Payton April 17, 2012
(337) 482-6397, payton@louisiana.edu
Student Evaluation of Instruction began Monday and will continue through Friday, April 27. All evaluations are being conducted electronically, through the Class Climate system.

Students will receive an email for each course in which they are enrolled, containing a link to a brief evaluation survey. Links to the same surveys will also appear on each student’s Moodle home page (not on course Moodle pages).

Students can access the survey either from the link in the email or from the link on Moodle. The system automatically emails the student a receipt for each survey they complete.

Students who complete all their surveys will be automatically entered in a raffle and will be eligible to win:

• One of Five on-campus parking spaces for Fall 2012
• One of Ten vouchers worth $100 at the University Bookstore

If a student accesses the surveys from a smart phone, Class Climate will automatically detect the device and format the survey accordingly, making it easy for students to take the surveys directly on their smartphones.

Results will be analyzed and reported electronically with no identifying student information by the Office of Institutional Research, after grades have been submitted. Results are completely anonymous. Survey results are distributed to each instructor as well as his or her department head and dean.

Student evaluation of instruction is one of the university’s most important means of improving the quality of instruction at the university. The results have a direct impact on faculty, on teaching and on students: faculty members themselves read and care about student evaluations; they are taken seriously and they improve teaching over time.

Evaluations are also read carefully by deans and department heads, who routinely consider them in their yearly merit evaluation of faculty members, as well as their tenure and promotion decisions.

For questions, contact the Office of Institutional Research at 482-6863.

Document last revised Tuesday, April 17, 2012 2:59 PM

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