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STEP Labs: Standalone Scanners

In its 1999-2000 disbursements, the UL Lafayette Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) purchased six (6) Microtek ImageDeck stand-alone scanners. These scanners do not need a connection to a computer; they convert scanned images to files and write the files directly to removable media. The scanners accept 1.44MB floppy and 100MB Zip disks in PC format. Users with Mac floppy disks can even convert their disks to PC format in the scanners.
Scanners will be located in the STEP Labs at Stephens Memorial Hall (Room 109), the Conference Center (Room 152), F.G. Mouton Hall (Room 182), Lee Hall (Room 208), and Dupré Library (Room 105). The Help Desk (482-5516; Room 201, Stephens Memorial Hall; has documentation, as well as a scanner to be used for demo purposes.
Scanned images can be modified with software on the UCS system. Users seated at a UCS workstation at the Conference Center or Stephens Memorial Hall computer labs can invoke GIMP or XV by typing gimp or xv at a UNIX prompt in a terminal or a console window. The interface for XV might appear simplistic, but it has the capacity to modify gamma values and to modify individual colormap values. The feature set in GIMP compares to Adobe Photoshop even though its interface is radically different. The ability to write custom filters is included. Manuals for GIMP and XV are on hand at the Help Desk (Room 201, Stephens Memorial Hall;; 482-5516).

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