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  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette: Print Shop

    The plates, artwork and all job summary information are routed to the press area for printing. The time a job takes in the press room is a combination of several variables. The number of ink colors, machine scheduled to print the job, type of stock used, availability of stock and number of impressions all affect the time needed to print the job. We move jobs through Printing Services as quickly as possible, but in some instances a longer turn-around time is inevitable. Printing Services has one 18"x25" Heidelberg 1-color Offset Press, one AB Dick 9870 2-color Offset Press, one Gestetner 312 11"x17" 2-color Press, and one ITEC 11"x17" 2-color Press with envelope feeder. The capabilities of each press varies as well as the time and cost of preparing plates.  
          All presses use aluminum printing plates, which are recyclable. Negatives are filed and may be used for re-runs, or recycled.  

    Heidelberg 1-Color Press  

    The Heidelberg is used for high volume and/or complex jobs which require larger sizes, long runs, halftones,  

    4-color process, large solids and hairline registration, Because of the capabilities of this press, the cost of your job is affected. 

    A. B Dick 9870  
    Gestetner 312 
    ITEC 11"x17"  

    These presses are used for jobs not requiring hairline registration or long run lengths. Such jobs generally include forms, stationery, envelopes, simple brochures and posters.   


    Large Press 
    Minimum paper size 
    81/2" x 11" 
    Maximum paper size 
    18" x 25" 
    Maximum printing area 
    17" x 24" 
    Small Press 
    Minimum paper size 
    3" x 51/2" 
    Maximum paper size 
    11" x 17" 
    Maximum printing area 
    11" x 17" 

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