Recent Business and AITP Survey


At the last meeting there was a lot of business that was taken care of. We now have 2 new officers that can be seen on the officers page. We also have a lot of work to do for the upcoming conference in October, and we could use all the help we can get.

One area of help that we definitely need is with the development of the R3 Conference Mobile App that Brady Higginbotham is generously working on for us. We need developers, designers, and anyone who wants to lend their ideas or expertise to make sure that we have a great app to go with a great conference. For more information, please email us so that we can direct you to the right place. We will be updating and sending out emails throughout the summer so keep coming back and we will keep you posted.

Last but definitely not least, we have made a survey for the upcoming Fall 2012 semester AITP meetings. We are here to help you make the most of your college experience as being an MIS major and we would like to have your input on what YOU want the next meetings to consist of. Please click here to fill out the survey. Your time and effort would be very much appreciated.

Back from Nationals!


No trophies, no honorable mentions, but it was a great experience nonetheless at the AITP National Collegiate Conference in San Antonio. We have taken a lot of notes and will be discussing the plans for our Region 3 conference in the Fall in our next meeting.

Speaking of our next meeting, it has been postponed to Tuesday, April 17th, the week after spring break, at the normal time and place. We will be discussing Nationals, our Region 3 conference, and we will be having elections. Hopefully we will see you there!

Sign Up for AITP


We had a great turn out at our first meeting of the semester! Our next meeting will be on Thursday, February 16th at 5PM. In the meantime, you can sign up for AITP by filling out this form and bringing it to one of the officers or our faculty advisor. The fee is now $30 for the national AITP chapter and $10 for the local chapter. Email us at for more information. You can also go like us on our new facebook page by clicking here!

Action Packed 2012 School Year!


Welcome back to school! AITP is back for the Spring 2012 semester and we have a lot of things coming up this spring as well as the fall!

  • We are hosting the Region 3 AITP conference HERE this fall, which means we will have over 300 students from around the southern region coming to our school participating in competitions, networking, and getting a taste of what Lafayette is like. For more information, Click Here.
  • As we usually do, we will be having guest speakers at most AITP meetings talking about whatever interests us, be it e-commerce, databases, PHP, project management, and so on. This will also be discussed at our first meeting.

Please join us on Jan. 26th for our first Spring 2012 meeting for discussions/plans for the upcoming semesters and how to join AITP. See you there!