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Cardinal Newman

John Henry Newman was an Englishman who lived during most of the last century (1801-1890). He spent nearly all his life in an academic setting, and was dedicated to pursuing religious truth and understanding our heritage and traditions as Christians. His search led him to join the Catholic Church -- a move that left him in disfavor with many of his friends in the Anglican Church, and mistrusted as well by many Catholics. Nevertheless, he was honored by the Pope by being made a Cardinal late in life, and many of his theological insights bore fruit in the teachings of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960's 

The "Newman Movement" had its origins just over 100 years ago when a group of Catholic students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison formed the Melvin Club, named after the person at whose house they met. Other similar organizations began to form at other campuses so that Catholics could find support in their faith while attending secular colleges. In 1893, the Catholic club at the University of Pennsylvania chose to call themselves the "Newman Catholic Student Ministry" in honor of the great English churchman and scholar who had died just three years earlier. 

A three-fold program of religious, intellectual, and social development, following the ideas and ideals of Cardinal Newman, was seen as their foundation. During the present century, the Newman movement has grown, and today Newman Catholic Student Ministry can be found on most college campuses throughout the United States.

Cardinal Newman's motto "Heart speaks to Heart" (in Latin, "Cor ad Cor loquitur") was adopted by the Newman movement, and forms the basis for many Newman Catholic Student Ministry's logo. 


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