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Students in The University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Professional Land and Resource Management program have a unique and distinct advantage over those at other Universities. They are able to add "experienced land manager" to their resumes while still in school, thanks to a donation from Chevron/Texaco, and the support and persistence of the Lafayette Association of Petroleum Landmen.
Chevron/Texaco donated surface and mineral rights from 90 acres of land in Iberia Parish to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Foundation, for the administration and benefit of the PLRM students. The acreage consists of two tracts of land located about 10 miles southeast of New Iberia. The University receives three percent of the mineral rights in the properties, which currently generate $2,500 to $5,000 annually. The University also receives all surface rights. Currently the surface is leased to farmers. The donation serves a dual purpose. In addition to generating revenue for the PLRM program, students are actually responsible for the day-to-day management of the properties – something they could only study about before the donation. The students’ management of the land generates funds for PLRM activities such as field trips, conferences, study enhancements and affiliations with professional associations.

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Student Association of Professional Landmen Office
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